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SERVPRO of Wilshire Center Crew

Greetings from SERVPRO of Wilshire Center and Cheviot Hills

Restoring Homes, Renewing Hope: Meet the dedicated SERVPRO team of Wilshire Center and Cheviot Hills - Your local heroes in disaster restoration!

Ready For Anything

SERVPRO has many different types of equipment but most impotently we have to have enough for all the jobs that are on going. We will always use the correct and just the right amount of equipment to get the job done.

Safety Is Number One Priority

Here at SERVPRO we do not leave our machines in the way. Safe keeping of our equipment is always our goal. We train our team to create a safe zone around every equipment so no person or animal gets hurts.    

Drying After a Heavy Storm

Drying the floors after a heavy storm is critical. Wet wood will warp and if it stays wet for long periods of time in the dark MOLD will set in and may cause health effects.  


After a heavy storm everything gets wet. Literally everything, even under your house. When your home does not have proper drainage the water will stay in one spot. After the animals and bugs have drank all the standing water, that's when the mold starts to grow causing possible health effects. 

Fogging Is A MUST!

Fogging is always necessary after a fire because the smoke and other odors are hidden like cockroaches. They are hard to get rid of with out using the proper equipment. The fog also lets us see where drafts are happening and we are able to prevent further damage. 

Smoke Spreads Everywhere

Only at SERVPRO do you get that attention to detail that you just cant find anywhere else. Smoke will infiltrate your entire home. Air ducts like to hold smoke and often times will smell for years to come. SERVPRO will clean every inch of your home after a fire.

Shower Leaks

Shower Leaks are one of the most important leaks to find. When they happen over time they spread lots of water through out your home often leaking onto your carpet and sub flooring causing massive Damage.

Some Leaks are Easy to Spot

A lot of leaks are hidden and happen over time causing lots of damage slowly. Other leaks are a lot more present like a mini flood. If you have any of these types of leaks call SERVPRO today

Super Clean Bank Demo

Banks and super clean and nice all the time. Here at SERVPRO we have to be SUPER clean and double check and protect everything. There is no collateral damage here.


SERVPRO is not afraid of the dark! We have no 9 am-5 pm hours. Our phone line is 24/7. we can have our team out to help anytime of day or night. Don't hesitate to call.

Total Replacement After A Fire

Fire departments often use thousands of gallons of water to put out the flames leaving you with a soggy, smelly swamp. When SERVPRO cleans up, nothing will be left behind to remind you of what seems like the end of the world. 

After Fire Damage

SERVPRO can not stress enough to board up your windows when they break. After a fire or a storm, If you have broken windows you must board them up until they are replaced.

After A Fire

After a fire most windows will break under the extreme heat. When SERVPRO cleans up after a fire we board up the broken windows to keep animals and the weather out. 

Hidden Damages

Air conditioning vents are notorious for collecting water and making pools on top of the ceiling. At any moment the ceiling can collapse causing severe damages and injuries to your home, yourself, and other people.

Looks Dry but Completely Saturated

You can sweep and vacuum the water out of your home after a storm if it floods, but the damage is already done. Moisture can retain for years and will eventually mold. Using moisture readers we can see exactly how much damage has been done.

Flooded Office

When your office or home gets flooded after a storm, Call SERVPRO today. We will come out to you, inspect the affected areas and generate a quote. After approval the problem will go away.

Check Your Window Seals

Windows tend to leak water during a storm or when your are washing them with the hose. Proper window seals are necessary to keep out drafts and water. SERVPRO will always take the time to look at all the effected areas as well as areas that could cause problems later.  

Protection is Necessary

Every job requires to wear protective clothing. This job required masks and a protective suit. The effected area was contaminated with mold and Bio-hazards. If you need our help call SERVPRO today.  

Thermal Waterfall

Using thermal imaging we can literally see a waterfall behind the drywall. You can see where water has been collecting on the ceiling. After the puddle got so big it started to flow over the edge.

Spraying For Mold

The reason we spray is to keep all the mold from coming back. We use a formula that is nontoxic and will protect your home or project for many years to come.

Unloading Equipment

Every job needs a good team. Here we have all of our team unloading the equipment on to the job site. Everybody here at SERVPRO goes through lots of training.  

Old Pipes

Rusty Pipes can lean to many harmful bacteria growing inside them. When you drink water out of the tap you risk ingesting all sorts contaminates. Water Pipes should be replaced every 30 years or so. Using a water filtration system is one of the better things you can use to help keep yourself healthy.


When dealing with very old houses, we never can tell how they where built. Lead based paint, asbestos and other agents, that are known to be harmful could be used.

Dry wall Patch

This is a Do it Yourself drywall patch. This leak has been mess with before. This Homeowner called SERVPRO and was able to fix the leak correctly and Fix the Drywall.

Super Wet

This is the moisture. It reads how much moisture is in an object. This reading means the object is water logged. You might want to check the wood around the surrounding locations of pipes to make sure your not water logged. 

Before a Demo we take extra steps to make sure nothing else get ruined

Here we have laid down extra protection to protect these amazing hardwood floors. You work hard to protect your floors and so does SERVPRO. We protect your floor from our equipment and high traffic areas. We take extra steps to make sure dust and debris doesn't infiltrate the surrounding areas.

We ALWAYS take our trash and leave nothing behind

After a demo, lots of trash like drywall, pipes, and other misc. items need to be thrown away. After every job we load up everything that needs to be thrown away and take it away. We recycle everything we can so nothing goes to waste. Here at SERVPRO nothing gets left behind.

Just a Normal day for SERVPRO

Here we have what our work trucks always looks like. We are always loaded up and ready to go anywhere 24/7. This particular truck is loaded with air movers, dehumidifiers and lots of lights that need replacing.

Don't let this happen to you

This is prime example of what happens when someone draws too much power from one outlet. Surge protectors don't always work when they are 25 years old or over loaded. Limiting the amount of power drawn from one source is always a good idea.  

leaky pipes

This Water pipe from the second story toilet had a small crack in it. This small leak caused the Drywall ceiling to bubble. The smell alone was enough for this homeowner to call SERVPRO. After removing the damaged area and fixing the pipe SERVPRO was able to remove the smell from the air and make this home livable again.