What our Customers say...


Nice working environment, Honest help, Truly like a family. Great work. Helped me after the storm flooded my house. 

Why are you not calling SERVPRO? These guys know what they are talking about and get the job done ONE Million Stars!!!!! 

I searched forever for someone to help me with my sewage damage, and no one would help me. SERVPRO of Wilshire Center responded right away, made an appointment, and responded to all my needs. I would highly recommend them, I feel very taken care of. Thank you SERVPRO!

After the rains my house was flooded with mud and water. After calling SERVPRO I can now see my floors again.

Came out on Friday and was done by Sunday SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

I was so scared I had to move and lose my home but SERVPRO saved the day Good Job guys.

Managed to do the impossible. I thought I lost everything but thanks to SERVPRO my birthday party was not cancelled

Saved my store right before Christmas 5 stars!!  

Had so much trouble with a smaller company trying to fix some water damage in my flooring and I'm so glad I switched to SERVPRO, a larger company is really the way to go.

Unfortunately I have had to use this  company many times but the bright side is that they make it really easy  every time, would recommend them.

I am a big time control freak when it comes to things going on in my house so I'm pretty happy that this company informs you of all the process that goes on when they do the restoring work.

Really appreciated the customer service that I got when I called SERVPRO, was simple and quick just like it should be!

The flood in my crawlspace was really worrying me, but I really recommend this company, their response time is really nice.

I'm happy with this company, they fixed an issue I had in my property with some residual mold growth and was pretty happy with how fast they did it.

A piping malfunction caused a flood in the wall of my patio and we didn't notice for a while, called SERVPRO and they came out within a day and where quick to tell me how the whole process was gonna go, was nice of them. They also offered me a company to rebuild afterwards.

I was helped by SERVPRO on a leak I had in my personal bathroom, didn't really know what to do but they took care of me, would recommend them.

When a fire started in my living room I wasn't too sure what to do but when I googled Im glad SERVPRO was the company that showed up, they really helped me and informed me on what to do.

Had a fire damage in my garage because I blew the motor in my supra and it caused a small fire near the wall, SERVPRO was very helpful in dealing with the damage and did the work in record  time, I was glad to have my garage back in working condition quickly.

Recently Had a small fire in my basement and it damaged not only the basement but the walls on the upper level too, SERVPRO took really good care of it though, was very surprised with the work they did and they really had all their corners covered when it came to dealing with me and my property.  

Had a fire on my property with tenants, SERVPRO was very thorough with the process of restoring my property while also dealing with the distressed tenants, the work took a while but that was the nature of the fire, but SERVPRO did the work as quickly as they could.   

My insurance referred me to this company and I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed working with this company since they are pretty large and cover all the bases.

When I called out for some mold I discovered in my house, they took really good care of me customer service-wise and were really descriptive about the issue and the process for fixing the problem.

SERVPROs team was pretty quick with the response time, had a emergency call and they came out day of. Pretty happy with the work as well.

Had no issues with them, overall very informative and considerate when they worked on my property.

Zack's customer service is impeccable. He was the first person to respond to my request for a quote and gave me his personal number to get more info. We were talking within minutes and he had an available appointment to accommodate my schedule for the very next morning. Throughout the whole process Zack was incredibly polite, understanding, and professional. It is so rare to find someone who is operating at such a level of excellence!

A+ job of getting floors replaced after an unfortunate water leak/flood

Zack was very professional, direct, and highly responsive to all procedures and questions

Work was scheduled and finished exactly on time with no delays or issues and the work done was well done.
Plenty of boxes provided for the temporary move out process

What could have been a nightmare was simple
Thanks so much SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Koreatown gets the job done.  Zack is extremely helpful and provides clear explanation of the entire process and constantly keeps you updated on progress.   Very good customer service

Our home sustained water damage from a leak above, Zack and his crew came in quickly, assessed the situation and quickly went to work.  Zack, his project supervisor Arsen as well as his entire crew were punctual, efficient and very careful.  They were also extremely nice and friendly. They did an incredible job of getting our home back to normal as quickly as possible.  I highly recommend this franchise!!!! Thank you!!

Zack and his team were great to work with. Very responsive, prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO koreatown.

Zack and his crew was recommended to us and we are so very pleased!!

We called SERVPRO - Koreatown, and Zack answered and drove all the way to our home in La Mirada the same day!  He explained in detail what he and his crew would be doing to get our kitchen back to working order.

My husband and I found that Zack and his team are very responsive, professional and extremely pleasant.  We would definitely recommend them to our family and friends or to anyone who needed their services!!

A big "Thank You" to Zack and to your team!!!

SERVPRO of Korea town provided the upmost professionalism while performing their job! I highly recommend their service for any emergent need! The staff was prompt and courteous!

My home sustained water damage from my neighbors pipe leak. My insurance company sent SERVPRO to mitigate the damage. Zack showed up the next day with a full team with all the equipment and got to work immediately. Because of their fast action, we were able to save the hardwood floor which would have been a nightmare to replace.

I was so impressed with their professional work that I hired him for the rebuild job. He worked directly with my insurance adjuster to have the repair estimates approved, and his contractors did a great job in repairing our drywall, paint, and even the kitchen cabinets.  

They were very professional and very responsive when I have questions or concerns. I definitely would recommend them.

I live in an older beach house we had a pipe break - lots of water coming through the floor and walls. Luckily we were covered with our insurance company. To mitigate the process they sent over SERVPRO to help us with the clean up. Zac came over and took measurements and evaluated what we needed to dry up the mess. He was very professional and was able to start our job right away. We were very comfortable with him and his crew. Would definitely recommend them.

What a mess! Thank goodness for SERVPRO. If you are searching for help with water damage look no further than this place. SERVPRO Koreatown is the best! They saved my entire first floor when it had a massive pipe break. Everything was soaking wet, eveything! They dried the walls, cabinets, flooring and made it great again. Zach, the owner was so nice and very professional. Thank you SERVPRO!

I cannot say enough good things about Cynde. A pipe burst in our guest house and our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO.   Cynde called back immediately, was knowledgeable and really calmed me down.  She worked around my busy schedule, came out later that day and was always available through a very stressful clean up and repair process.  She even called me back on a Sunday! Highly recommend Cynde and SERVPRO!!

Had the unfortunate need to call SERVPRO..what I thought was going to be a huge pain ended up being an almost pleasant experience. Zach and his team came in and assessed the damage and with in the hour were working on fixing my home. No need to tear anything out, they made it as perfect as it was before! If I ever had the need for their services they would be the only people I would call!

Great service. They took good care of my property during the mitigation and repairs. They helped me maximize my insurance pay out. This is or has to be the best serv pro around. Thanks to Jenesis insurance claims services for connecting me with this serv pro.

Make sure you go through Jenesis if you have an insurance claim open. They guide you through the entire claim process. Think you can find them on Facebook at Jenesis insurance claims services.

We had a 50+ year old pipe break in our living area. Our insurance adjuster sent out their preffered vendor SERVPRO. They called me within the hour and were here to help me ASAP!

My house is in Venice and they came from downtown within 3 hours. They asessed the damage and took immediate control of the situation. Zach in particular was very calming while I was frantic about all the damage. Zach got his team in gear...the removed the damaged floor and set about drying and dehumidifying the area. They even came back later to see that everything was drying well.

I cannot say what I would have done without their help, but I know that Zach and his SERVPRO team came in and saved the day. They were very professional and obviously knew what they were doing. I highly recommend their services! Thank you SERVPRO Koreatown.

Zack and his crew came to repair major water damage done to my condo a second time. They not only were the quick to get moisture readings and start the repair right away to prevent mold, but they also had to work with a difficult HOA board to accomplish these repairs in a timely manner.

Zack has also followed up to make sure I am completely satisfied with every aspect of the work.

If I ever need them I will continue to use them in the future and would highly recommend them.

They are the best. Top notch service and a guarantee that the workmanship is done with the most professional and best quality of workmanship.

I would highly recommend SERVPRO and in particular Zac, as the over all contractor. I had a major leak covered by insurance that required a new kitchen, floors, walls, paint etc.

Everyone of Zac's workers were meticulous in their work and I now have a 5 star house. Zac is helpful beyond the job itself and is highly collaborative on general issues and inquiries. He is also highly responsive and oversees and audits the job to ensure everything is to code and of the highest quality.

He will text you or call you back within minutes so you know you are in good hands. He honestly makes a very stressful situation an awful lot better! Thanks Zac and SERVPRO.

I recently had extensive water damage to my condo in Studio City, California and was referred to SERVPRO of Koreatown by my insurance company.  Normally I am skeptical of referrals but because I was in desparate need of immediate assistance I agreed to attention and remediation from this company.

I was immediately contacted by Zach from SERVPRO who was on the spot with a team of professional workers who came to open cabinets and walls to remediate the water damage.  The condo was covered with fans to dry out the walls, floors and cabinets. Zach was on top of all the paperwork that needed to be submitted to the insurance company and within days my insurance company contacted me to settle my claim.

I am gratefull for the patience, explanation of what needed to be done, the time frame that was projected as well as the care and consideratioin given to my tenants who had to experience this unexpected problem along with me.  Thank you SERVPRO for all your help and a job well done!

A faulty pipe burst in my apartment and flooded my laundry room, hallway, second bedroom, and part of the master bedroom, as well as the apartment below me - this situation would be extremely stressful for anyone, but Zack made it as easy on us as humanly possible!

He was extremely fast/efficient in getting into the apartment right away to demo the floors/dry wall to prevent mold, and he was extremely accommodating (even about little details like covering all closet doorways with tape/plastic so dust wouldn't seep through the cracks) and he was readily available via text/phone throughout the whole process.

I would absolutely recommend his service to anyone experiencing a flood (or other home emergency) situation!

I cannot stress enough how fantastic Zach has been. My kitchen sink overflowed and the water ruined my floors, walls, and my closets. He was recommended by my insurance agent to take care of the mitigation and I thank the heavens that he was referred to me. He was so accommodating and worked completely around our schedules and he was always available by phone or texts any time of the day, including weekends! His work and his customer service is top notch. Highly recommended!!!!