Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Loss

This retail store was affected by recent the back to back storms that hit southern California. Notice in the before picture that the water leaked into the ceili... READ MORE

Residential Storm Damage

This residential property suffered water damage in their restroom due to recent ongoing storms that hit Southern California. After several days of heavy rain th... READ MORE

Retail Space Water Loss- Downtown LA

This retail space located at the Hanover Olympic building in Downtown Los Angeles was damaged by water due to a pipe line that burst. As you can see in the befo... READ MORE

Commercial Loss in Los Angeles, CA

As you can see in the before picture a studio called, Red Hour Films which is located in Los Angeles, CA suffered extensive water damage. It affected the entire... READ MORE

Mold Mold Mold

This is a common example of how a leak can cause water damage and the damage will start to mold. SERVPRO goes where no man should ever go. Under your house ther... READ MORE

Thermal Catches all

hermal imaging catches all the temperature changes. Before we have a cold moist wall where the vent was leaking. After the Demo we where able to find the leak i... READ MORE

Soggy Fire Clean Up

Fire departments use a lot of water to put out home fires. When they are done you are left with a soggy smelly waste land. SERVPRO is the first and only call yo... READ MORE

Smokey Smells

After a fire the smoke will be absorbed into all parts of the house the floors and ceilings is where the smoke gets absorbed the most. When the fire department ... READ MORE

Bedroom Make Over

Making a mess in your room is normal. When you start having bugs and spilled water that never gets cleaned up, mold will start to grow. Bugs will feed off the s... READ MORE

Crawl Space Flood

Crawl Spaces are notorious for collecting water and trash. It is important to check your crawl spaces with a flash light once a month. You should check for weak... READ MORE