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Suited Up For Fire Clean Up

SERVPRO makes it easy. Nothing can stop us. When your home burns to the foundation Suits are required to keep our heroes safe and clean. In a lot of our jobs Su... READ MORE

Board Up After A Fire

Boarding up after a fire is the most important part in protecting your home from further damage. Animals and bugs will enter your home as well as the weather. T... READ MORE

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties are hard to deal with. City codes and lot of planning goes into these projects. The fire department was called to further inspect and make... READ MORE

Learning to Cook 101

We all have that coming of age moment where we move out on our own and have to cook our own meals. Accidents happen, stuff burns, But when you answer the phone,... READ MORE

Soggy Fire Clean Up

Fire departments use a lot of water to put out home fires. When they are done you are left with a soggy smelly waste land. SERVPRO is the first and only call yo... READ MORE

Smokey Smells

After a fire the smoke will be absorbed into all parts of the house the floors and ceilings is where the smoke gets absorbed the most. When the fire department ... READ MORE

Bedroom Make Over

Making a mess in your room is normal. When you start having bugs and spilled water that never gets cleaned up, mold will start to grow. Bugs will feed off the s... READ MORE

Crawl Space Flood

Crawl Spaces are notorious for collecting water and trash. It is important to check your crawl spaces with a flash light once a month. You should check for weak... READ MORE

Starting Over

After a storm here in Los Angeles everything floods. There is nothing we can do about it. From the roads not draining to buildings being flooded. It is going to... READ MORE

Under New Owner

This humble person bought a closed down restaurant to start a family business. Little did they know this place was closed down for health reasons. They did not... READ MORE